How To Use The Wheel


You can use the wheel to guide your discipleship, evaluate your discipleship, and teach others how to follow Jesus.

Guide your discipleship

You can walk through this material to learn how to faithfully follow Jesus. Each part of the wheel contains questions to help you evaluate your discipleship. The three spokes of the wheel each feature a tool for application, an easy way to begin applying the gospel discipline to your life. Go through each part of the wheel on your own or with a group, week by week, in a five-week study.

Evaluate your discipleship

This tool is intended to be a resource you can revisit to evaluate and recalibrate your discipleship. In this way, the wheel is designed both for new and longtime followers of Christ. You can work through the evaluation questions in each section, or you can create a new plan for discipleship using the Gospel Wheel worksheet every year.

Teach others how to follow Jesus

Jesus calls his disciples to make more disciples. This material is designed to help you teach a new believer how to follow Jesus. This is why the material ends with mission: by the time you finish working through The Gospel Wheel, you will be equipped to go through it again with someone else and teach them how to follow Jesus.


Start working through The Gospel Wheel by going to The Gospel section. As you learn how to follow Christ, it is essential that you first understand the gospel of Christ.

You can work through each part of the wheel as follows, watching the videos, reading the material, and answering the evaluation questions:

  1. The Gospel
  2. Christlikeness
  3. Devotion
  4. Community
  5. Mission

At the end of your study, complete The Gospel Wheel Plan and start putting the tool into action throughout your life. Our ultimate prayer is that The Gospel Wheel helps you behold the beauty of the One who looks at you and says, “Follow Me.”

The Gospel