Evaluating Your Devotion


  • Do you enjoy reading the Bible? Or does it feel like drudgery to open God’s Word?
  • Are you reading through breadth of God’s Word, in both the Old and New Testament? Or are you only choosing to read the parts that interest you?
  • Are you soaking in the depths of the Word? Or are you merely skimming over it?


  • Are you motivated to pray more by guilt or by love for God?
  • If you were teaching someone how to follow Jesus, and they could learn how to pray only by observing your prayer life, what would they conclude about prayer?
  • When you do pray, what fills up your time more: worshipping God with gratitude, or asking God for things?


  • When you read the Bible, do you look for ways to obey God and apply the Word to your life?

  • When is the last time you did something you didn’t want to do out of obedience and submission to God?

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Evaluating Your Devotion

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